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The Plum Perfection


Plum long sleeve top with ruffle detail on bodice and sleeves  

So, while at StyleMax, we were perusing the clothes at She & Sky when I found myself totally drawn to this one. I was excited because I actually found something on my own that I thought might fit the store! Now, Madison was reluctant at first for a few reasons, but we had the chance to see them in a few colors and when we saw the plum, it was all over.

See, I'm a guy who wears t-shirts, button downs, and flannel, so my fashion sense isn't exactly "on-trend" - it was a big moment for me to have found something that would be up to Conntempo standards! Thus, in a hotel bar in Chicago, the Conntempo Crush was born.

Now, about the piece:

Well...what is there to say?  Just look at it!  Great movement, dramatic sleeves, fantastic shape.  How can you not love it?  (Right?  I hope I'm right...)

Cotton Blend
Runs True to Size

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