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Conntempo Crush

Hello everyone – Brian here! I’m Madison’s husband and her partner in Conntempo Boutique.

Recently we attended the StyleMax fashion market in Chicago. Going into this trip, my thoughts were that it would be a wonderful getaway with my wife, and that I would carry stuff and offer opinions where needed. Never for a moment did I think that I would be picking out anything. However, while we were browsing, I ended up coming across some items that I found I really liked, and that I thought would look amazing on Madison. Much to my surprise, she agreed and we even ended up purchasing some of my picks. Thus, Brian’s Conntempo Crush was created!

Every month, you’ll find something that I’ve picked out featured here. Although I may not have the remarkable eye that Madison does, I hope that my picks might offer something intriguing for you, coming from a guy’s perspective.