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Conntempo Connection

Conntempo Connection is a pre-paid monthly service delivering 2 surprise pieces of new boutique merchandise to your door at a fantastic, discounted Conntempo Connection price. Each month this service will be open and available in limited quantities. Included in each shipment will be new, exclusive pieces only available to Conntempo Connection members.* Brands include but are not limited to Gilli, Hem & Thread, Le Lis and more!  

The best part?  No subscription is required, join in the fun by purchasing this service in the size that you wear normally (see size chart if needed) and during the months you choose.  Don’t like an item you received?  No worries, our return policy includes Conntempo Connection merchandise. 

*Extras or returned pieces may be placed on the website at the normal price.

Pricing will vary from month to month depending on the products included.  Coupon Codes do not apply to Conntempo Connection.