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Introducing Popli Jewelry!

  • By Rebecca Conn
Hi Friends,
This week I'm really excited for you to see the new necklace and bracelet offerings available by a company called Popli.  Popli is a company that I discovered a few weeks ago after a very loyal customer (and now friend) reached out to me and suggested I check them out. When I looked them up and started working with the owner/artist directly I quickly fell in love with these pieces. 
What makes this jewelry special? Popli jewelry is very eco-friendly as all items are hand crafted from vintage cookie, tea and coffee tins and each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.  The bracelets have that vintage feel while being a real conversation starter. And the necklace?  With the addition of the vintage handkerchief this is one gorgeous necklace!  You can feel comfortable that nobody will have a necklace quite like yours.
The owner says that Popli is jewelry with a scrumptious past - and I couldn't agree more.  Check out The Vintage and The Rachel (named after our Customer and Friend mentioned above) today!  
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